WP1 Preparation

1.1 Analytic report on EU regulations, best EU practices in doctoral students training, organisation of their research and work placement

1.2 Analytic survey on situation in RU, BY, AR and their needs in reforms on modernization of training and research of doctoral  students, implementation of new teaching methodologies and cooperation with nonacademic and industrial partners

1.3 Draft structure and content of re-training courses for teaching/research/administrative staff, scientific supervisors, training managers, library/IT staff, policy/decision makers

WP2 Development: Framework Development

2.1 Training materials and normative documentations in paper/e-form for university's academic,administrative staff, policy/decision makers

2.2 Report on evaluation and adjustment of training courses

2.3 Draft educational content (curriculum and courses), structure and management of DTCs

WP3 Development: Knowledge Transfer

3.1 Set up of regulatory documents and instructions for operating of DTCs, number student's enrolled

3.2 Set up of documentations (programs, syllabus, teacher's instructions, quality guideline, etc), equipment for DTCs operation

3.3 Set up of programs, educational-methodical materials for international interdisciplinary Summer schools for doctoral students of AR, RU, BY on Science and transferable skills

WP4 Development: Virtual Network Environment

4.1 Web-platform of Virtual Network developed

4.2 Structure and educational content of Virtual Network created

WP5 Quality Plan

5.1 Quality Assurance & Evaluation Plan - handbook for participants

5.2 Recording of quality assessment of activities

5.3 Recording of quality assessment of outcomes

5.4 Quality Evaluation Reports

WP6 Dissemination & Exploitation

6.1 Dissemination and Exploitation Action Plan

6.2 Documentation of dissemination activities

WP7 Management

7.1 Project website

7.2 Project documents on Project Management System

7.3 Minutes of project meetings

7.4 Internal and External Reports